Fertilizer Basket

Color:  Green (L)--3Pcs



✨This is a set of premium fertilizer baskets. Perfect use for home, garden, yard, or farm.✨

Suitable for potted plants, home plants, balcony plants, hanging baskets, and outdoor gardens. This is an ideal tool for people who like to grow plants at home.

Protect plant fertilizers from birds, other small animals, wind, or other disturbances. Please keep fertilizer.

Take root
There are many holes on the bottom and sides of the T-shaped cup, which allows fertilizer to slowly penetrate into the soil, and it is not easy to burn the roots of the plants.

High quality
Made of ABS, safe and non-toxic.

Reusable and durable
The fertilizer tank is reusable, durable, and can be used for a long time.

Easy to use
The fertilizer box is easy to use, just insert it into the soil and put fertilizer in the fertilizer box.


✅Color: Black/Brown
✅Material: PP.
✅Size S: About 4x3x3cm.
✅Size L: About 6x4x4cm.
✅Convenient to fertilize
✅Can effectively protect the pot from damage
✅It can prevent exercise and the loss of fertilizer caused by wind
✅The covered design prevents birds from stealing fertilizer
✅High-quality materials, anti-aging, durable

The package includes:
1x Fertilizer box